Don't Count Me Out


People today don't know someone cares until it's do or die or they're already dead

The feeling of knowing that you're all alone 

By yourself

Fighting a million against one

Is what many teens feel today and more than you'll ever know

We fight as humans to become humane

Some try hard and some's effort will never show

If I could let every know that they are not alone and someone does care

That someone out here feels like they do

That someone is aware 

I'd do it

When you need a shoulder to cry on sister, I'll bring the tissues

And when you need friend to lean on brother, I'm coming

Don't count me out because when you're gone I'll miss you

Please count me in when you need a friend

I'll try my hardest to be ther till the end

Someone cares

I care

Don't count me out

Please let me be there.

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