Don't Bully Me


There's something you don't understand. 

Maybe it's the different lives we live

Maybe it was what I was wearing

Or maybe it was because I said something wrong:

depressed, alone,and scared;

but who are you to care?

Bully, bully, bully

that's all I hear

I'm tired of going home just to cry  

"Daddy I hurt when I come home"

I look up to the sky and wonder "why me?" 

I thought hope was the thing with feathers

that perched inside the soul

silence has seized and there is nothing

What you didn't know is

I can be one of the 4,400 that daddy saves 

But you don't care bully; now do you?

"Daddy I hurt when I come home"

The pain, the hurt, the agony...

When does it end?

"Daddy I'm glad to be home"

is what I felt was left to say

For them to bring me down with vulgar words

You know what I say?

Bully, Don't you bully me 



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