Don't Be Lazy

I'm being so lazy

It's driving me crazy

I can't even describe this weird and boring vibe

I sit outside thinking to myself

Looking at the stars and wondering how they are placed so perfect

Standing up, I reach to the sky

Sadly, i'm to lazy to fly

I feel so small compared to the broad sky

I start to realize that like a star, i'm a chosen select

The open sky is a world

All of the stars are us individuals

We are all selects

All of us stars struggling and fighting to keep our spot in the open sky

I can no longer be lazy.. I must try

For if I don't try then I lose my spot in the open sky

I musn't lose my spot 

My dreams are just within reach

I continue to stand, reaching higher and higher

I still cannot touch the stars

But, what is this?

A shooting star that I see, flying in the air as free as can be

I may not be able to reach it yet.. but that shooting star gives me hope

I'm young and I am learning

I will reach the stars one day

And when I do, remember my name

Because, I will be the star that people then reach for

People will see I achieved my dreams

I will give them hope to achieve theirs

But, the key is to not be lazy


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