Don't Be A Bully, Be An Inspiration

When you are humiliated, abused, or attacked

You feel as if something you should have, but lack

Your soul is alone, but precious are you

Wishes and wonders why people have not a clue


Dos and don'ts, laughs and mocks

Losing yourself worse than a pair of socks

The tears that release extreme emotion in each drop

You pray and scream in your mind that it would stop


Unheard, unheeded, forgotten, and ignored

A heart only has so much room it can store

Soul is weakened, fainted, and low

Anger may be brewing and revenge may be so


What of a person is expected to be included?

Why can't we just be kind-hearted and not brooded? 

What did they do to deserve all this? 

Surely if you think, there is no reason on a list


We all have problems, mistakes, and pasts

But if we all rise above, there can be a solution that lasts

Kindness, consideration, outreaching to someone who needs it

Can make a world of difference for them and you, we have proved it


Be the inspiration, the mature one people look to

Greatness, respect, and adoration all for you

A sense of love, the greatest thing that binds us together

A life lesson learned and practiced forever! 


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