Don't Be Afraid

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 21:41 -- MaRRv_

Don't be afraid
You gave him your love
all of your heart
but he gave you nothing in return.
Don’t let him and his stupidy
stop you from receiving the real love
that you desire and deserve.
Don’t let your past determine the outcome of your future.
S**t, I know it’s hard but you’re capable
of loving as strong as you once did.
Heart break isn’t something that you want to feel
but loving again may help your heart heal
You’re alive and at the end of a relationship
you’ll survive, you’re strong enough to wipe
your own tears from your eyes and one day you’ll
fall in love with someone who will realize……
just how amazing you truly are…
Don’t give up, there’s hope....

Wrttien By: Marvin A.K.A.- D.P.- (Da Poet)


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