Domestic Violence

Mommy's baby, you know i love you 

You know i'd never put anyone above you but tonight you have to sleep downstairs

Me and your daddy might get into a bit of a fight

Mommy what do you mean? Are you going to hit my daddy

Baby it's things you're to young to understand...

You see daddy he is a boy, he is not a man

He comes home angry drunk and ready to fight

I have had enough this is not going to be one of those nights

I've took some boxing classes learned some self defense

Baby i will be the last women he is going to hit.

The next few years pass by

Baby found this boy who has been the best thing in her life

But one day she comes in the house crying with a black eye

She headed to the kitchen to grab a knife

She says mommy this is not going to be one of those nights


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