dollars and sense


United States
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it's ironic how someone claims to be a baller because he spends money on $400.00 kicks
yet, he doesn't have $.2.50 to purchase a metrocard, how does that look
what i'm about to say will make you shook
i saw a couple with classic fur coats in a fish market buying fish
perception is they are financially stable, but when it came to pay the goods, they use the E.B.T card
i said to myself really, i know times is hard, but it's not that hard
there was a dude with thick jewels looking like he's is flossing right
yet, his girl paid for his ride to get on the bus, they both need to get lost in the night
i'm going to speak on this philosophically
there is a lack of financial literacy in which i'm going to impact people demographically
real men build homes, not shack with up with thier homeboys from place to place
instead of spending $1000.00 dollars of a louis vatton bag, money should stack up taller than the empire state building
invest that money into life savings or have your own business
don't foolishly spend money knowing you don't have the means
or else you be picking crops in a farm trying to sell lots of beans
be a visionary and cultivate your funds
don't be a missionary and canive others to give you what you don't deserve
unlike some tennis players, i won't commit a bad serve

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