In a dark room,

There are trembling lips,

Her eyes are crystal,

Her lips still perfectly molded.

The smile won't seem to leave.


No matter where she sits,

No matter how much she crumbles,

No matter how many tears fall,

The smile stays.

And not an eye bats.


Not an eye glances,

Not a single thought,

Her heart is broken,

Her mind is in shambles,

And no one even glances.


The smile stays as the red appears,

The lies drip acid,

But the smile makes it okay.

No one will know.

No one will care.

No one will ever see her again.


Then they'll call her stupid,

Wonder what they missed,

Wonder why,

Blame others,

Blame each other,

Blame drugs.

Say there was no reason.

Say she was out of her mind.


That smile never slipped,

So they never even considered...

That in her head,

She was already long dead.


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