Does that make sense?


Does it make sense?

The needy go with out food,

The cold without warmth,

Veterans without promised benefits.

Does this make sense?

A single mother cries in the corner,

No help to be seen.

She tries every day to do better by her daughter,

Works herself to the breaking point,

Course work waiting from class after work,

Different babysitters every night,

Fear and stress take grip.

Does that make sense?

She works hard,

Only to be denied benefits she needs,

"She makes to much money"

Tell that to the car bill way passed due,

the bare cabnets,

the going with out so her little one never has to.

Tell that to the empty bank account,

five minutes after pay day.

Who ever heard of child support?

Not the workers of child support enforcement,

"We are sorry, your' case hasnt been reviewed yet,"

Does that make sense?

If she were to just sit at home,

lose all the fire and ambition,

then she would be "eligible".


In the home of the brave,

this land of the free,

the homeless go cold,

the soldiers are the first to be cut,

the veterans, the first to lose out,

the hungry go hungry,

stipulation after stipulation gives doubt

a way out.

Does that make any sense?



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