"Does it still hurt?"

 It never stopped hurting,

Every moment of every day,

the pain engulfed her;

It was hard for her to believe,

The one person who she loved,

Gone, never to return;

Her eyes searched for him,

Her body desired his touch,

All she needed was a chance,

To hold him close,

To tell him how much she loved him;

But deep inside she knew,

That she had lost her chance,

Her words drove him away,

Words that could kill;

He never expressed it,

A fire burned inside him,

He beared it all,

All that she said, all that she did;

He didn't want to let go,

But he had to,

She tried to stop him,

But he was adamant,

He had to stop taking in the pain,

He had to save himself from breaking down;

Both of them promised to each other,

That they'd hang on,

That their love would never fade,

That if they're meant to be,

They'll find a way;

All the promises- broken,

All hope- lost,

2 lives- changed forever,

A heart- broken, hers, waiting to be fixed,

A heart- fixed, his, never to be broken again;

He didn't ruin the concept of love for her,

He taught her a lesson,

"Never push someone away, so much so that you can never pull them back."



50 years later...


She is being observed,

She walks around with a smile on her face,

But her heart still cries for him,

The voids left within her are yet to be filled,

Someone asks her,

"Does it still hurt?"

"No...", she says

The tears in her eyes give away what her words don't;


"I saw a woman, unlike one I had ever seen,

Even in her final moments she refused to accept the fact that she had never given up.

She kept all her promises, she still loved you- she didn't admit it,

But I saw it in her eyes..."


The old man listened with intrigue,

"Dad...her love was true,

Yours wasn't...she would've taken you back,

But now she can't...you missed your chance..."


"I know...", the old man cried.


2 hearts- hearts that never stopped loving.


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