Do You Remember

Tue, 05/11/2021 - 01:41 -- Wit

I fell for you
Put myself on my knees for you
And you
You broke me
Remember how I loved you?
Remember how I gave you
flowers just because you
were my love
remember, the day
the day I took you to
your favorite antique shop
And you cried, because your lamp you wanted
was gone?
Remember, how we went home
And you through yourself on the bed and,
You wouldn't talk to me?
Remember, how you were angry and
Looking up, you found the lamp
Your lamp
On the desk and you just cried even more?
Well I remember!
I remember how you punched my shoulder
I remember the feeling
I remember your rage
I remember your pain
But, I also remember the joy
I remember how it was worth surprising you
I remember it all and more
For, I remember the love
And, now
All you remember is to hate me
How you don't want anything from me
How you want nothing to do with me
Now, all you remember is anger
You now choose
Not to remember
And, instead
Seek to drown our memories with the touch
Of another
With the caress of another
And, so
I am left
Left by myself
To remember alone.


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