Do You Know Me?


I can’t help but laugh when people say they know me.
I can’t help but choke back a storm of words and instead just,
simply nod my head and agree.
Yes, of course you know me.

You could know my favorite color,
Or the music I prefer.
Maybe even that I’d choose a Kit-Kat
Over any other chocolate bar.

But, do you know me?
Do you know me?
What I think, the way I think it,
The types of things I worry about on a daily basis?
Do you know the reasons why I flinch so much?
The reasons why I don’t think that joke you told isn’t funny?

Do you know that I can feel myself disappearing?
Deteriorating? Rotting away?
Do you know I go straight to school,
Straight to home, straight to work,
And then back, just to rinse and repeat
The next morning?

Do you know the things that make me up as a person?
All the different experiences I have had?
Do you know that three small birthmarks sit on my belly?
Or the scars big and small that litter me?

Oh, I’m sorry? You insist that you know me?
My bad! My apologies!
Instead of arguing, I’ll nod my head and agree
Yes, of course you know me.

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