Do you

Sun, 04/14/2024 - 20:20 -- Andreee


I don’t mean to worry you

I’m just Sorry

I’m not alright

I’m not okay




I’m stressin’ over every little thing

Ding, another thing wrong with me

This pain is killin’ me


I know Love and Pain

Go hand in hand

But not like this


I’m pulling myself under

I’m falling into a deep sleep

And I need a princess

To save me


Ooh I think you’re them

Maybe you can pull me out 

Out of this trance

This dance




But you’re like a spider

And I’m trapped in your web

I can’t hurt you when I can’t move

I can’t hurt you when I can’t breathe


Sometimes I think maybe I’d,

You’d be better off without me

Making you worry

I’m sorry for making you worry 

But I’ll be alright

One day,


It might be to late

To save me


So you can scream

You can yell

You don’t need me 

I’m better off at arms length 


I don’t mean to make you worry

But I’m scared my kisses are like poison

Always wanting them

but it will kill you, slowly


I hope you get out alive



I’m sorry

To worry you

So I’ll try to keep

My mouth shut

So you don’t have to worry about me


I’m sorry I love you 

And I don’t want to let you go

But one day you’ll leave

And realize

I was just the poison

 you couldn't put down


So I’ll try not to make you worry

Because I love you



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