"Do Not Wait"

Please do not wait,

Waiting will not help,

Do not wait, for the damage is dealt,

If you wait, you’ll wait past this date.

If not, do not listen, for I speak only lies,

I do not mean any harm, but please watch thine eyes,

They urge me and scar,

As if I’m feathered and tarred,

So please don’t wait for me for it’ll get dark.

If not, do not cry,

Just don’t cry and we won’t die,

My heart bleeds open for both you and I,

You don’t need me so please don’t wait,

You should probably go soon before it gets late.

If not, do not worry

My pain has ceased from enduring

I will be scorched and burned in there

But no worry, my pain we won’t share

So please don’t wait,

Don’t stay at the door,

for my stories ending awaits,

Upon my bathroom floor.




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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