Do not tell me what to think

Thu, 06/05/2014 - 19:16 -- wkumler

Do not tell me how to think, 

             And try to tame the thoughts that run like wild horses

             Because you want them to plod along like machines

Do not tell me what thoughts to have

             Because you are afraid of mine

Do not tell me that I have the wrong answer

             When it is you who is asking the wrong question

Do not tell me to write letters, or numbers, or music

             My mind would rather dream of poetry and ideas and the inconcievable

Do not tell me what you know

             You have stolen the joy of discovery from me

Do not tell me what words to use

             Those are your words, not mine

Do not try to restrain my mind

             It only works when it can be free to explore

Do not tell me what to think

             For then I am obliged to disobey



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