Do not surrender!

When type 1 diabetes don't stop you

When asthma, anxiety, and anorexia don't stop you

When depression sleeps at the doorsteps of your house

When people say "You cannot."

But you say "I can!"

When you wake up in the morning ready to motivate

All that is your character, who chooses your fate


It is not about what you cannot do

It is about going beyond what you can do

It is not about giving up

It is about never winning and always looking up

It is not about being demeaned and degraded

It is about being nice to those who demean and degrade


We all have two wolves

A nice wolve

And a mean wolve

It is not about not feeding them

But who you choose to feed more

The nice wolve?

Or the mean wolve?


Do you have no-one to love you?

Well, love those who hate.

Are you bullied? 

Do not feed on thier anger, but do feed on their unique character.

Do not surrender


Look for those who motivate

And be the one to be looked at

When things go wrong

And you score low

Just remember that you do not need to surrender!


What humans say "Cannot be achieved" Look at as a challenge

Remember when people said that you cannot fly to the moon?

Remember Neil Armstrong?

Now tell me that I am wrong to say that "When there is a will, there is a way."

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