Do Not Cry My Friend

Do not cry my friend.

The story of life was not meant to be perfect.

But when clouds cover the night sky,

When the world feels dark,

That does not mean the stars are gone.

Millions of them are shining in the sky,

Even if it is not visible to the human eye.

They will forever exist.

As you are watching the cloudy night sky,

The stars are watching over us.

You are not alone.


Do not give up my friend.

When obstacles come our way,

When loved ones are lost,

When loneliness and hatred fill our thoughts,

When failure devours our arms and legs off,

When it seems like there is nowhere else to escape,

When it seems like no one hears your screams of pain,

You have to see that it is not time to give up.

And instead, it is time to rise to the stage,

Battle our scars and fears, face to face.

However, throughout the fight,

The sun is smiling down on us,

Lighting our path and destination,

And melting our greatest fears away.

The ethereal winds guide us in the direction of our destiny,

And send the wicked weeds away from us.

We are not alone.


Look toward hope my friend.

It is easier to fall into the hole of depression and pity

Than it is to get out of it.

A glimmer of hope is a gift and sign of life.

During times of brokenness,

Break ups,





Or even during times of happiness,

There is hope for improvement.

There is hope for a tomorrow.

The biggest challenges life gives are tests,

But giving up is failure itself.

Even if the looking glass seems shattered into an infinite amount of little pieces,

It is the little pieces that make up the whole piece.

What becomes hopeless to fix becomes hope itself.


Look toward hope my friend.

Hope itself is reaching out to you.

It is your choice to take it.

Once we have passed our obstacles,

Once we have defeated our fears,

We have grown stronger.

We have become a symbol of hope.

Our challenges become experiences,

And these experiences become the hope to encourage others.

So look toward hope my friend.

Look toward hope. 


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