Do Not Cheat Your Student


For years, I have been cheated. 

Exceeding your expectations with hesitation. 

I don't want to be read to, 

I came here to acquire your knowledge because you have a certification. 


I aspire to become competative in this global economy. 

Therefore, educate me. 

I don't need nice teachers, 

Now, we need to excelling instructors, not cheaters. 


If I get an A in that class, 

The AP Exam I must pass.

If I'm left with a score of two, 

should you be concerned too?


Rigor does not mean endless homework, 

Rather engaging instruction. 

Don't make us work harder, 

but smarter. 


I am not a causing problems. 

I am concerned student, 

who belives teachers must have the passion to teach. 

Do not cheat your student. 


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