Do Better


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He said
"I've seen her do better."
You've seen me do better?
Tell me what have you honestly seen
All you know is my rap and dress!
You don't know whether my feelings are compressed
Or if I'm depressed
You just figure if you see me and it ain't my best......
Oh "I've seen her do better"
Man whatever
You don't know my story , you don't know my struggle
You don't know my stride, you don't know my hustle
And judging from my own past....I AM BETTER!
And who are you to think not so?
One whose ignorant,arrogant, and distasteful
Your bitter comment turns my ears brittle
And my mind could not processed the thought of me being belittled
I've heard you say better
Say better to me
That's why when people give me compliments
I don't count it as valid or legit
Because I know if I don't dress to their standards and definition
I can go an entire day without there recognition
And I'm not asking for it
I never asked for anything
I never asked for you to say I look pretty
I never asked for you to I'm beautiful
I never asked to be put on this pedistol
And!.. I never asked for your voice
That part..that last part right there
That was your choice
But finally when I break down and ask for a little empathy
You give me no sympathy
Just a smart remark of "I've seen her do better"
Stop judging me by my features
Cause as soon as I fall out of favor with you
You treat me like a heartless creature
But no,
My heart is too big
And my tear stream flows too long
Don't you realize what you're doing is wrong?
I mean come on!
I've seen better.

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