I sit on the ground,

Staring around me,

Knowing not

How to describe diversity.


I waste a few sheets of paper,

Writing… scratching it out…

Writing some more…

And crumbling the sheet.


I gaze out into the world.


I wonder how the earth

Can be so diverse

So simply,

So naturally.


Five trees, all in a row

All divergent:

Different shades of green,

Different form and stature.


Nature understands.

Why can’t we?


I look at my garden.

It’s cold out

And the flowers

Are dead or dying.


What is left?


They’re all green.

Except the Coleus.


Its leaves

Crimson engulfed

By carmine.

They’re different.


This is diversity.


When one shows

Their individual color,

Their own hopes,

Their own dreams,

Fearing not

The judgment

Fearing not

The ridicule.


It’s the bravery and courage

One has to be himself.


Diversity is

Standing out

And being proud

Of who you are.


It’s voicing

Your opinion

And never

Being ashamed.


It’s being you

And no one else.

Caring not

What other’s think.


It’s self-expression.

It’s displaying everything

About yourself

In any way possible.


Diversity is

The clothes you wear,

The music you listen to,

The color of your hair.


Diversity is

Accepting yourself

For who you are,

For being true to yourself.


It’s refusing to change

For the sake of others.

It’s being you and

Refusing to be someone else.


Diversity is



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