Distant Love That Lives in The Heart

The world is extravagant, Knowing that you are only across the Earth's blue blanket, It's an adventure worthy of the valuable trinket, Someone that loves me so, and a confidant,   The hope within the soul of ours, Drives us to achieve the holy grail, Despite the hardships that lurk on the trail, Even the hardest obstacles won't get me to cower   The worry that's most troubling is distance, It's a only number that's displayed on the chart, Those calculations don't live in the heart, That epiphany is beneficial to our existence    Thence, the love we've invested, Will surely pay out when the time come, No worry, it will all be a lump sum, And onto, the wealth of love to be caressed,  It's hilarious thing we go to our mind to answer our question on how we feel, The brain doesn't need the heart to heal, Riddle me this, how is it a phenomenon that one can live with a damaged mind, yet they can't live with damaged heart?   Next statement, I don't know how I will meet you my love, in the distantland, When the day comes, I would have made my depart, It will be like we had never ever been far apart, Only to live in a destined graceland

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Our world


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