A distant hope

The roads are filled with youth

Tearful are the rays of the sun

For their voice reaches no voting booth

And actions are ignored but one


The green monopolies slither in the system

Pockets go empty, oh they surely do

Education for the youth becomes distant

And dreams become nothing but spit to spew


The Elite allows their entry

But the poor pockets cannot afford knowledge

And for the future, there can be no gentry

But an uneducated society becomes haulage


If actions could change the world

An act of deliverance would be my act

For a free post-secondary education is the gold

For a society to be stable and intact


And with knowledge there is no toll

It would be a society with no such thing as dull

An education should be for the common soul

If the green leaves are involved, it would be the law I would annul


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