Thu, 10/03/2013 - 23:42 -- dww7592


Distance is like a spark, indiferent of the fuel only offering ignition.

Fueled by emotion, there is a reason most stop at the notion to ignite this flame.

Distance is not a game, when the fuel is insurmountable you will be held accountable, when in your life you make the decision to fan this fan this flame.

The fuels they can differ, some burn slow and some burn quicker, but in the end they will all burn the same.

Betrayal burns all the faster and lost quarrles will no longer master, when the spark is thrown and true feelings shown like fuel to the fire causing pain.

The greatest fuel of all, no matter how large or how small, when love is the fuel the distance becomes cruel and all of the roads they lead to pain.

But there is hope knowing the distance because we are made stronger through the resistance, and in hot fires great love is made strong.

These tempering fires they burn hot and this path for everyone is not, but for those who endure their reward will be sure a love so strong it will never break.


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