Sat, 01/26/2013 - 01:16 -- 12LCAT

Distance is what keeps us apart
The thought pushes through my head till its clear
Like a busy commuter on a New York street
And though I’m still uncertain of your heart
I pray tomorrow you’ll be near

How far must I run to meet you
And what distance would you travel
If like the man on his way to work I run too slow
Will I be too late, will you find somebody new
Our shift of two not yet begun would turn into a passel

Tomorrow brings a promise that our paths will cross
But I will not dare to look your way to see
Like men avoid the glance of those living in the gutter
I’m afraid of feeling loss
If your eyes aren’t looking back at me

If I never know then my heart will be safe
I’ll never face your rejection and you’ll never know my feelings
But the poor are just as scared to face the rich
And when it comes to maters of love I am a waif
Its hard for me to recognize a rich heart’s dealings

I won’t move first despite my longing
Like a glass door is set between us that we cannot see
if we both push on either side our force will keep it closed
But there is one thought I find calming
That perhaps tomorrow you’ll find your way to me

Perhaps tomorrow I will be braver
Maybe I can find the courage to pull the glass door open
And even if you pull to hold it closed with all your force
Maybe I can persist enough to gain your favor
I can’t conceive that the distance between us will not be unbroken


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