Disparate One

Straight brown hair, chinky eyes

Oh, is it me you despise?


I keep my head high, 

despite all your lies.


I may not look like you,

but I am a human, too.


Who says my yellow painted skin

is considered a sin?


Always hiding, 

not necessarily lying.


To all you say, I only nod

but don't worry, it's all a facade.


I am different than you all,

but that doesn't mean I will fall.


My golden skin tone

doesn't make me feel alone.


I am better than your harsh words,

although it is quite absurd.


Is it truly a facade or a front?

Am I now being too blunt?


If I wear this mask,

then your winning will last.


Stronger, wiser, more confident,

this is just a consequent.


You've taught me being a minority

only gives me more authorirty.


I will not hide or no longer cry,

I will only say goodbye.














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