Look at me.

What do you see?

Just a girl,

Pretty and

Skinny and

Thin as can be.

I get a rush as my

anxious fingers

feel across my body,

and I feel bones,

like reading braille,

Why do my hands keep shaking?

I don't eat.

Food is my enemy because

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,

and skinny

feels like flying,

and i can fly because

there is nothing inside me

to hold me down.

I am empty.

I am skin and bones.

And bones! I'm proud of mine.

Can't you see their beauty

poking through my skin?

Hip bones, collar bones, ribs and spine,

And a gorgeous gap between my thighs!

They tell me to stop,

They're jealous of my perfection.

They say I'll die!

I don't care!

They'll see!

I'll be beautiful

on my death bed,

Pretty and

Skinny and

Thin as can be.


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