They say, it’s a disease.

They say, medication will help fix the problem.

They “kindly” hold your hand and “smile” into your eyes and say

“Don’t worry, we’ll fix you.”

I’m sorry, did something that is a part of me offend you so much it’s labelled as a disease?

Is it so horrid you need drugs to cure it?

Drugs to kill it?
Drugs to keep me addicted and coming back for more to fill your pockets?
They call it a disease.

A problem.

And in turn they label me a disease.

A problem.

Can I not be myself?

Is being me suddenly forbidden?

Do you have to keep me so high that I can’t see my reflection in the water  to feel safe?

To feel less threatened?

Does my inability to communicate properly like most “normal” people scare you?
Didn’t we all learn everyone is different by age 5?
Now by age 15, kids are learning to see the differences and label them.



Trouble Maker


If I’m a freak to you, then couldn’t the same be said the other way around?

If I’m so different, is that not my normal by which to compare you by?

If I’m a problem, you were never asked to solve me.

You could spend years but you’ll never find the answer.

I don’t need to you to find my x, my y, or why I am the way I am.

If I am a trouble maker, ignore me.

You have so many possible places to be

So many possible things to focus on

Yet you choose me.

And label me a Trouble Maker.

You don’t know my life story, don’t act like you do.

Not that you even want to know.

Aaah, now this one is the cherry on top.

An idiot.

By what standard?

By whose standards?
What right have you to call me an idiot?
Sure, I suck at a lot of things

But at least I don’t suck up to people.

An idiot, wow, how hurtful.

At least that means I have more potential to grow while you have nowhere to go

You can’t even look up since you’re so busy looking down

Trying to get on my level.

Correction, what you think is my level

The moment you determined what I am based on your proof from the book of b.s. is the moment you fell below me.

A disease.

You call me a disease.

Maybe I should just disappear so you won’t need a cure

But that’s not happening anytime soon

So have fun misdiagnosing me for the rest of your life and wasting your time making a cure

I’ll just be chasing my dreams and living life

Because I am no disease

I am me

And that’s awesome.

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Our world


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