Discrimination Why?

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Why are you always lying?

Making false statement,         

Deliberately made,

With an intent to deceive others.


Why are you so jealous?

Feeling that other are rival,

Because of their advantage,

So you try to bring them down.


Why are you so ignorant?

Lacking the will power,

To know others first,

Before you make your final judgment.

And don’t tell us we are unacceptable,

Because of our age,

Because of our gender,

Because of our color,

And because of our nationality.


Because to me,

Those don’t tell you who we really are,

Or what we can do.

It is just one of those things in our life,

That is not of our control nor yours.


So accept us,

Because overall,

We are still humans.

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this is so strong. love love love it


thank you. i'm so happy you like it  :)

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