Discriminate sounds much like hate

And that coincidence is surely fate


Millions of cries can be heard

And all because of that one word


One can't control the melanin in their skin

And yet somehow that represents their character within


Humanity goes even further by splitting us into groups

Saying we can't relate because you are a German and I'm a Jew


That she is black and he is white

And even if it's love something isn't quite right


This God-forsaken word stains history

Even though its true origin is a mystery

Leading many to hate because of differences

Judging based on pure inferences


Like calling people savage because they are different from you

And yet all the savage actions are what you do


It causes hatred that fuels nations

Leading to planes crashing into innocent patrons


Just close your eyes and imagine this was all gone

That everyone didn't feel separate but in fact just felt like one


So if I could get rid of one thing

It would be the thought to discriminate thus ending much suffering




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