Sun, 07/19/2015 - 15:25 -- manioo8
My pasty curves and structure hard
you always held in high regard.
You knew what buttons I liked pressed.
In regalia you had me dressed.
Oh, what times we had together,
in flaring sun, in violent weather.
You energized me, animated,
with you I was infatuated.
My heart, my core was more important
than any others' lurid organs.
"What's on the inside" your concern,
We knew each other very well.
Then imagine my amazement
When you locked me down in basement.
Some brunette your brand new apple,
in your eye you keep her, grappled
I can hear you both conversing.
Playing pruriently, traversing,
varied websites, best left nameless.
How could you become that shameless?
No more touch for me, no closure.
To the net ends my exposure.
I'm as good as a pale doormat
Death my future, silence, format



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