I was jogging down the road one day

imbibing in the sun

The sky was clear, the air was sheer

as I went on my run.


At intervals I took a break

And leaned against a tree

And as I sat, I noticed that

A man was on one knee.


In front of him stood a lady

Shock adorned her face

The man seemed scared- a ring was bared

within a velvet case.


And from my spot, I clearly heard

all that he had spoken

As he proposed, his face exposed

his words as truth unbroken.


“Each and every moment

I spend with you by my side,

My only thought is, I can not

just keep this string untied.


You make my day when I wake up

and see you fast asleep,

You truly glow, and you must know

how you make my heart leap.


I don’t know if it’s possible,

But I’m not ashamed to say

I fall in love with you, my dove,

a bit more every day.


I’m elated when I see you laugh,

dejected when you cry

I’ll fall for you, I swear it’s true,

until the day I die.


You make me a better man

And, nervousness aside,

I’ve thought it through, I ask of you

If you would be my bride?”


I watched on as she said yes

Her tears were flowing, free

I couldn’t miss how they did kiss,

with love and honesty.


Shortly, I resumed my jog

And realized as I went,

I knew, with awe, that what I saw

was truly what love meant.


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