Discovering Love


Loving is one of the things I do best

I love to love people

I love to love to love

It's a beautiful gift, to be able to portray the body-shaking swell and swell and swell

That fills your head chest stomach legs

Heart beat, the sound of someone's voice grazing your cheek

content drowsiness

It's easing to be able to appreciate another for how their eyes glitter

Cheeks gather to a smile

Hands grasp another's

In contrast it's agonizing to be unable to express that radiant feeling

It's an emotion that manifests an entirely new perspective on life

And sharing that with another person is fulfilling

even when you're topped off completely

It doubles yourself It elates your soul

The freedom to give and take love can make a new person

Like fixing an old car



Suddenly there is no parallel realm to our own, one that has the chance to be better Just a million more lifting ways to interpret what is already in front of our eyes

That's discovering love

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