You say that you are helpless

but really you are just selfish


You want relief

despite what you believe

The only idea that you seem to conceive


Wrapped up deep in yourself

You put others above me on that shelf


They aren't even family

How could you betray me?

Do you really hate me?


I'm confused

because what you believe isn't what you do

Lead or follow, you have to choose


You aren't the only one affected

If this is an elaborate plan, it is well directed


You lost all out trust

Did you forget everything we discussed?

I should feel sorry, but I am in complete disgust


You get high and then low

You act like we are supposed to know

If you left, do you realize where you would go?


You don't look the same and then you do

Who are you today? I'm confused.


We used to be close, now we don't even speak

I can't even sleep


When you said it the first time it killed me

but now it's like old news

I try to care, but I don't know what to do


Every time you seem okay, then you aren't

it hits me in the heart


I can't keep up, your emotions change so fast

I'm either too numb or too dumb too ask


Should I fear you?

Can I even be near you?


You swing up and then down

You try to be hidden and not make a sound

but you already known by the whole town


I'm too afraid to make a decision

You appear dangerous based on a paper description

Please just take your perscription

Don't argue, Just listen


I don't want to sound self-absorbed

but I can't even walk into the store


without everbody stopping and watching

What you do haunts me


I'm not angry, just scared

I wonder what goes on inside you

or what's in there.

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