Dimensionless: The Church of Science

One of science’s problems

is that it’s just another religion.

Enshrouded the scientific tenets in dogma;

they’ve lost their cloak of precision


From the start we’re taught to memorize

learn all’s been done before

to advance and open new doors

yet they’re locked behind tithe and toll.

Can only fret the paywall

If you’re poor after all.


Next you see that knowing only matters

if you recite their set truths.

Deviate from the golden mantra,

find yourself a pariah of their group


Finally, at the highest stage, the ivory tower

Inspiring to those in power

But useful only if others cower

Many think that's where the theorems are made

the rigorous evidence conveyed

richly debated for decades.

But the ultimate collective of scientists

think their survival lies in preserving the medals

that only a select few have given their credentials


So they lie their way to the nice list

Data obscured, hypotheses twist

The prestige and money flow regardless


In olden days, the few brave grays

gay to be exploring the universe so foreign

held steadfast against corrupt leaders bedfast

to properly debate with evidence empiric.


But in modern times, the dissenting, flawed opinions

have weakened the stalwart legions

transformed to monolithic minions

Is it good that they fell? Impossible to tell,

left with a victory pyrrhic.


At least we can say

that if our truth is white and black

the fact adds dimension

where otherwise would be flat.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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