Tue, 12/05/2017 - 10:56 -- dcamp15

Dear Dayja,

Why do you float on strangers' opinions of your success

When your own thoughts determine how you progress

You've been through the fire

When lust became his desire

You let your virgin flower take flight

On that haunting winter night

Face down while crying in the snow

You let your true self go 

Why do you seem to succumb to the easy way out

Of making excuses for why your heart is in drought

You lead yourself to the pastures of sorrow 

Instead of preparing for a better tomorrow

Dreaming Dayja in the tides of music

Do not waste your talent; Use it

Pick up the fiddle you have cherished since six

And let the tunes be your anti-depressant fix

Follow your heart and be swift

So you can cherish true happiness and carry with the drift


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