A Different Show


You want to know what makes me tick?

What makes me feel like giving up just a bit?

It's the Republicans and Democrats, strong as can be,

Giving no space for other possibilities.

They say it's the People's Choice, that there's space,

But so says the man with all the money in his face.


Affirmative action is to help bring equality,

But the stereotypes still surround me.

No chance to make it out of the hole I was born in,

No strength, no hope to pull from deep within.


We drown in the superficiality of our magazines,

People who take pills and cry offscreen.

Make role models of those who almost die to lose some pounds,

And don't make the effort to hear the sounds,


The sounds of the ocean drowning in misery

From all the pollution and filth in the seas.

The fish, so helpless, trapped in a cage,

They're only lifesource has more garbage day-by-day.


So you want to know what makes me tick?

What makes me want to give up just a bit?

It's the people who don't try to see,

All the pain and suffering inside you and me.

The people who put their hands on their ears,

Who don't hear the screams from all these years.

There needs to be a talk, there needs to be a change,

Compliments and good vibes in exchange.

See the heart and help it grow,

So that maybe tomorrow, this can all be a different show....


So you want to know what makes me tick?

Look deep inside, you'll know lickity split.


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