I'm approached by Anna, But my name is a little different. 

The guy i'm with tells me about his girl problems & States "I Hate that every girl is the same"

I ride along and play it cool for a second.

Then i Realized if you Call me Anna Something Simple it shows me that you expect me to be the same as the other girls.

I Ask him what might my name be again and he responds Anna,

I give him my Real Name he says well that's Unique, and I explain 

what my Life goals were and he stop and states "I've never met a Girl like you before."

So then I Explained "You called me Anna, expecting me to be a simple person, with such a simple name. I gave you my real name and explained my life and it's purpose, You changed the way you thought of me. I suppose I am a little different so for now on I hope you get to know someone before labeling them, because my Name isn't Anna and I am not so simple. I AM DIFFERENT!!"



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