I see your struggle,

I see your pain;

It’s not just you,

Every ex-convict is the same.


Desire to make a difference,

Help release the stress;

Congrats on getting out of prison,

Now let me help clean up the mess.


Probation officers don’t always open their eyes,

They don’t see that it’s rough;

I’ve seen my cousins go through this situation,

Now get ready it’s going to be tough.


I got your back no worries,

I’ll help with that job, help you stay straight;

I’ll be by your side whenever you need me,

It’s your life we’ll recreate.


I’m going to be different,

I’m going to be the probation officer that really cared;

I will be remembered for all I do, 

I’m the one that truly helped you get repaired.


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