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Humans and Change

Like oil and water

To things that refuse to merge

It’s a cycle.

And it happens over and over.


It takes time,

It takes work,

But it happens.





But when does it take to long

When is enough, enough?


If we are really all family here,

Then why can't we find love,

For the people we truly are.

Why do we have to conform,

into this unattainable box

Of emptiness and depression.

Just to fit in,

Look a certain way

Or act.


We are all here together,

Or that’s what I’ve been told

Even though people still neglect

And hate on each other for our


Whether it be the color of our skin

The religion we choose

Our sexual orientation

Or gender identification

We still won’t give in


But when can that not be an issue

When can we all just stop?

Learn to love,

Learn to except,

Learn to change.


This poem is about: 
Our world



A great poem with fine awesome poetic advices and muse. Appealing and beautiful to read. Kudos.

I see comments are not common here, but interaction is good for the human touch in this cold world.  Pleez do comment/ review my newest poem too.

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