I'm a little strange

She wants a bit of of change

But I'll only ever change

If she allows my strange


It's hard to live together

When it's difficult to breath

I never know the weather

Or who I should be


Around her

It used to be fun

It used to be easy

Being her only one


Now there's competition

With her friends

They're so different

I'm just so bland


I like sittin' in the sunlight

With and umbrella over my head

I like watchin' the rain fall

On my bay window in the den


She doesn't get it

But she used to

Now that they're back

I don't know how to choose


Be myself?

Or be hers?

I am strange

That's my curse


She wants me to stay

But I should probably go

I don't belong here

Here, where I'm not wanted anymore


I'm out of place

I am strange

I don't like change

She wants me to stay


I want to stay

But I have to go

I can't be critisized

No, not anymore


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