the difference between imagination and knowledge



The difference between knowledge and imagination is similar to the difference ponies and horses Knowledge relies on outside sources while imagination relies on inner voices, Imagination stems from the soul, its so potent, and it leaks from the mind, if you look inside mine and what you will find, is a spirit that shines, and I’m tryna release it one piece at a time, so I’m taking my thoughts  and


                     i’m conforming them into a work of art that comes off as a rhyme

                                     So in time you can digest the meaning to these lines

                    I’m just taking the time to show you, that’s there’s a difference between the two

                  And you can find me if you listen to you, you will see that it’s the view  that deciphers whether or not something is true, unlike knowledge, it can’t be deceptive , it’s your perspective and in the  long run its your imagination that’s gonna lead you to your  objective,  you see knowledge is selective, subjective,  to protective  of social ideals, too reliant upon on how others feel and in the midst of it all we lose sight of what’s true, use it to find you and let empower you to do what you gotta do, if you believe that we was once a thought to the creator     then it must be true that imagination lead to the vision of you !


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