The Difference


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The difference is wanting to make a change, 

The difference is not wanting to be the same,

The difference is wanting to make things right, 

The difference is wanting to help save a life.

How can we if we are unemployed?

No one wants to fall into that void. 

I can make that impact, we all can in fact.

The desire to help others is waning in out culture. 


What on earth will this mean for our desperate future?

Let us rise to the levels we can and we want.

We'll impress you I promise.

Revolution's begun.

This is the difference. 


What is my difference?

Veterinary medicine is the way I would go, 

Getting horses through illness and owners through woe.

Comforting people when times are the worst, 

but ensuring animal's welfare always comes first.

Wrap a leg, poultice a cut. You said that ultrasound goes up WHAT!?

It's all in the dream, every little last part.

I want to make my difference.

Will you play a part?


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