Did you think it wouldn't hurt

Did you think it wouldn't hurt


These days seem to be getting slower

I know were almost over

Gotta fellin’ we're gonna be this week’s-

Front page cover story

Did you think it wouldn’t hurt

Though I saw it coming it still hurts

I’m more broken than you think

But don’t worry everything will be ok


You might be fakin’- everybody else

But girl, I can see right through you

Oh, honey I got news for you

We are through

I know I don’t always finish what I start

May be the reason for the space between our hearts

I know you, and you’re a little self absorbed 

May be the reason you’re never seeing what my pain is all about 


I thought we we’re going strong

Still holding on 

I’ve never felt so alone

Like I was all on my own

You had broken me first

With that “prank” you said wouldn’t hurt


You said we T.T.T. Tell The Truth


But here we are

Did you think it wouldn’t hurt


Did you think it wouldn't hurt






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Hey this is a great song i was wondering if you could or would Ghost write a Hook (or Verse) for me?


Sure I would love to. What do you want it to be about?

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