Diamond In The Rough

They say when you want something,

You’ll do anything to get it.

They say if you try hard enough,

You are bound to get it.


But what happens when you don’t?

What do you do when you stretch your hands out to the sky,

Trying to reach your goal-- only to trip,

And wind up on the floor….


What do you do when you have failed so many times?

You feel like you just can’t do it anymore.

Getting back on your feet feels impossible,

But you don’t want to grow old & unsuccessful.

That would just be distressful

You refuse to life a life that stressful.


You don’t want to change your dreams,

You want to prove them all wrong,

Every one of those doubting souls.

You just need some more polishing,

Then they will all recognize

They had it all wrong,

So get back up!

You got places to go,

And remember,

You’re flawless.


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