Fri, 12/13/2019 - 12:02 -- csb

I wandered alone

Clinging to things not my own

Placing my worth in them

Painting my future with brushes of past

Thinking that love would never last


Jumping from sin to sin

Thinking this was the end


But You


You think different thoughts toward me

Thoughts of peace and mercy

Thoughts to calm my soul

With plans to make me whole 


Yes, You

You and Your thoughts towards me

Are good and slo-o-owly, 

I will see

What You truly think of me


I turned Your temple 

Into a place for me

But now I see

What You're making me


A voice 

Calling out into the void


Come, all who are weak

Come, rest before Me

Come, see what I do

Come, for I make all things new


And I am re-shaping you 

Before you were hard clay

Until you gave everything that day

Now I will make you new

Because that is what I do


I siphon out the fear 

I draw you near

I tell you I am enough 

Even when your edges are rough

Sometimes I have to break you

To uniquely make you

Into what only I can see

But {BELOVED} baby girl, you've got to trust Me


I hold you tenderly

I hold you tenderly

I hold you tenderly

I hold you tenderly


You may not believe Me

But wait and see

I know what I'm doing

I'm shaping you like Me


Your design will be rare

People will turn and stare,

Asking how you become so strong

When it's because you clung to Me all along


For that is the only way

You must learn to pray


Not my will, but Yours


Let go of all the impurities

You will not need them where I AM taking you

For I AM drawing you out

To a new place 

A deep place

A place where My grace becomes all you see


Yes, then you will know you are in Me


For the plans I have for you are good 

You will prosper

I am drawing you out,

Drawing you away, 

From all the things telling you to stay


Oh lovely child, daughter and Bride

It is for You I died 


You may have to go through the fire

But I will be with you

You may have to walk on deep waters

But I will be with you 

You may be led to green pastures 

But I will be with you


For I AM. And always will be. Surrender to Me;


It will open your destiny.


You cannot yet see the blessings that I have in store

Yet I will heap more and more.


For I AM with you

I will guide you

I have always led you

I will never leave you 


Make Me your first choice 

Listen above the noise 

You will find that I speak

Have you been listening?

I know your flesh is weak 


That's okay

Surrender it to Me

I can handle it

I can hold it

I can take it

I have it

But I left it at the cross


Why have you picked it up again?


I love you 

I will never leave you 

I will hold you 

I have you

I went to the cross for you

The stars praise My Name


I hold you in My hand

I've got you

You can stop holding on now 

I'm not letting go

This is My job

I can do it


I've been in the restoration business since the beginning of time. 

I've been building things in your life that you have yet to see, just as you cannot tell how a builder is going to fill in the empty spaces in the structure of a house. 

I have plans to fill you. 

I have not forgotten you. 

I know you by name. 


I love you. I am waiting for you. I have waited since the beginning of time--before that--to have a relationship with you. But there is not much time to wait now. You must decide. Who will you serve?


I have laid down everything for you. What will you do for Me? Will you turn your face back to Me, Beloved? I still care about you. 


I saw everything you did. I watched as you were unfaithful to Me. Over and over one thousand times. But I have forgiven you. I have not forgotten you. I still have big plans for you. Come here so I can tell you about them. 


I want you to know that I have not rejected you. And I have a plan to use every single crack in you to shine my glory through. If you keep trying to peer through those cracks and let that be all you ever see, you'll never see the big picture. Come sit in My lap so I can show you how you look. 


Do you see yourself in that mirror? In that red dress? That's not how I see you. I see you in white. When My love comes in you, all of the red is drained--leeched--from you. And I clothe you in white. That's redemption. I paid for you with My life. And I would do it again for you, but I don't have to. No, I covered it all the first time. Don't you believe Me?


Rest now, Beloved. I will not overwhelm you. I love you. I am singing over you as you sleep tonight. I've got you covered: with My feathers and My grace. Sleep well; I won't let you go. I'm your anchor. 

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