Devoured/eye contact

Your honey-glazed brown eyes stare deeply into mine 

What are you looking for? 

What do you see? 


Do you see the love I hold for you? 

Or the needs I have for you to hold me

Love me, kiss me. 


I know that I see how you view me

With so much beauty and love

To cherish me and protect me 


Like I am your all, your air, your light 

All just from looking into your eyes 

As you look into mine


It's an art to be able to look into eyes 

To be vulnerable and okay with it

To give someone your heart and soul and know that they won't break it 


You won’t break it nor I would break yours 

You are vulnerable in these moments 

Something that you rarely do. 


I love those moments, 

Of vulnerability and love for one another 

To cherish and protect. 


The art of eye contact. 


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