The Devils Mirror

Could the day ever be
When I'll only see just me
Not a monster or a beast
Or has the only me I've ever known deceased
Am I really that lost and far gone?
That if I ever called out for myself, I wouldn't respond?
I've looked at you long enough
And the only thing you've shown me is disgust
Why can't you reflect something else?
Stop crying and see yourself?
I'm done with your mirror and your lies
And I pray every demon in you dies
You're more than what this devil mirror shows
And you don't have to dim what your heart glows
Be strong and break the glass
Put this girl in the past
Stop the screams inside and breathe
And let love carry you like a breeze
This YOU doesn't have to be
So build your courage and tell her to leave
Love yourself and be true
And in the end... You'll find and see You


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