"The Devil's Advocate"


I am luring you in with my sarcasm,

I am provoking you with my ignorance.

My horns peek from underneath my hair as I receive the satisfaction of watching the anger grow within you.

As you grow frustrated with my opinion, I only enforce it further, looking for total defeat.

You have not yet grasped my intentions,

You make this game easy.


Round two begins and you continue to oppose my every thought,

I dedicate my strength and wisdom just to watch your lip quiver and your eyes bulge,

You seem fed up,

Will you quit?

It was just getting fun.

Round and round we go.


Because you still portray signs of oblivion,

I try an alternative approach.

With a deceitful look in my eye,

I proceed to display my contentious opinions.

I do so now with an upright mindset.

Perhaps I shall lead you on,

Make you believe that I agree,

Allow you to assume that you have led us to an agreement.

Yes, I will do just that.

I will tuck my tail ever so elegantly,

And I will slick my hair into a style that allows me to conceal my horns,

I will rid my face of its crooked smile,

And when the time is right,

When the time is perfect,

I will release the lever of the trap.

It will all come crashing down again,

The ride will speed up,

It is never ending,

It is fulfilling.


I am here for one reason and one reason only.

I live to see the infuriated look in your eyes,

I feed off of the high pitched tone in your voice,

I grow stronger watching you clench your fists in anger,

Your tone excites me as it becomes grim and malicious,

And as you fall to my feet,

I rise in victory. 


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