A Devil, a Saint, and a Lost Newark

In New Jersey’s town of Newark, gang bangers and drug dealers once ran free.

Free they were to hold shoot outs in the middle of children’s playgrounds and in the street.

Playgrounds became the supermarket for adolescents and adults to shop for guns and

drugs instead of for play.

Crime and poverty rates continued to climb,

The city was in turmoil.

Its mayor’s work, nobody could find.

He said he was the ‘Real Deal’,

But in truth the election of Sharpe James was Newark’s first playground drug deal.

With every word he spoke he lifted Newark into a sky sweeping high,

With every lie he told he drafted Newark into an addiction,

With every promise he made he abandoned Newark and left her to take the downfall.

A young man by the name of Corey Booker was there however and helped Newark as she

stumbled along Sharpe’s corrupted path.

He voluntarily suffered the same pains and falls that Sharpe James caused Newark to


Corey Booker stumbled along the same path,

He was there on the right side of Newark and served as her safety net should she fall.

He was the barrier between her and the hard sidewalk

If she were to fall,

She fell on him.

Corey Booker wanted to see Newark rise and trample on her burdens because he loved her


She could do no wrong in his eyes that would cause his heart to turn to stone cold against


For Corey’s love for Newark was unconditional and caused him to do many things.

He traded in a life of luxury for a run down apartment and graffiti covered walls

Even sat on the drug lords corner for 40 days and 40 nights

For Corey so loved Newark that he gave up his one and only heart,



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