Devil On Earth

You're a devil. You're a menace.
No more love for you is your penance.
You're irrational. You're belligerent.
How stupid was I to think you were different?
You know that evil has its ways.
It's powered by the dark, weakened by sunrays.
I was immersed in your smoke and mirrors.
Then I was winded, in horror, by the terrors.
Every night at this time
Is when I remember the dream.
You and me together, happily forever.
Of course, it wasn't meant to be.
Why do you, why do you hurt me?
I hate you with everything I got.
When will I live without you afflicting me?
When will this poison spell stop?
Nothing pains me more than the one I adore
Always wanting to hurt me.
Broken pieces on the floor. Your poison just pours and pours.
I've just been wanting you to love me.
Sticks and stones can't break my soul.
You oughta know I don't need my bones.
The winter is cold. Let me show
You the road to redemption, blocked by your deception.
You're the devil on earth, from your head to your toes.
When you breathe, it's fire that blows.
The poison in your eyes, in the dark, it glows.
The poison from your mouth, it overflows.
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